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A weather forecast

Listen to a weather forecast and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Intermediate: B1


A weather forecast says it's suddenly going to be hot like summer tomorrow.
Okay, it's good to know that we can prepare for what we wear, but it's difficult to accustom myself to the heat quickly. =3

I like warm and hot weather with lot of sun and very high temperatures!

I really like rain seasons, it seems a romantic weather. I always hear that people in Europe do not like rain because they have it all the time? Is it true?

I like the raining weather because it is very nice and I can breathe frash air and it mix between the wet and cold in our country

I think that the forecast weather is very important for people, due to is possible to programm diffents activities with the family, for example, go to the pool or go to the cinema in a mall, in another cases is useful in the job, people that live in the forest can to know when is the better time for to grow.

In my country I like the autumn when the days are dry, bright and warm but on holidays it's better the summer because it tends to have high temperatures and sunny days

Hi people, I'm going share with all of you a little about my country, Brazil, the loved earth.

I enjoy the weather a lot when spring has started. Here, in the south of Brazil, this season almost has no rain, and the days start cold with sunlight and during the rest of the day the temperature is between 15ºC and 25ºC. I love this weather. But, when the summer comes, it's very hot, which I don't like very well.

I like winter season.That's the best months for me although there is too cold or foggy in that time.

the weather i like is rainy weather when it's cold because i like walking under the rain and i like also the smell of the earth when it's rain that's make me feel light

I like sunny weather like in Spain, because I can go to the beach and go out with my friends. However, I hate the cloudy and rainy days, because I have to stay at home all day.