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A weather forecast

Listen to a weather forecast and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


i enjoy sunny days because with medium temperature

Colombia has not seasons, because it is located in ecuadorian line. We have rain, drizzles, hot and fresh weather. The tempetures could be from 15 grades until 32 grades depending the region. Nowadays the climate change has affected it very much and heatwaves are frequently. The weather I like the best in my country is hot in the day and rainy at night.

In africa we have most of time in the year a heatwave. 21 degrees is so cold for us. So we feel more confutable with 30 degrees.

I prefer cold, because in that kind of weather if you move yourself you can be very confortable and if you are at home only with heating you would pass a very good time as well.

i wish i can say the same but summer in the best for me

Doubtless, I like winter season.

I like cool and dry weather which is around 20℃.

I like warm but not hot weather. I prefer spring to the other seasons as you get the best of all kind of weather. I enjoy the mild temperature when I can wear light clothes and not having to worry about the rain as it doesn't usually rain in spring.

All of us has unfortunately experienced hot weather and cold weather and each one of us has also a preferred weather from these two weathers.
For me, I think cold weather is somewhere better than the sunny one because I see in this atmosphere a more acceptable weather than the hot weather. I’m feeling better in the cold weather even with showers and drizzle. The hot weather is more difficult to endure regarding the heatwaves for example or the dry and bright atmosphere.
So,the cold weather seems more suitable for me even if makes me suffer sometimes.

I like cool weather not sweat. I can enjoy some activities without exausting