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An interview about listening skills

Listen to the English teacher talk about listening to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


I think if I practice and talk a lot, with diferentes peoples or natives, maybe i will get to undertand and learn diferentes acents, but some people speak very speed, I try to watch videos on youtube, take difentes videos like ellen Degenres, I listened some people really learn earing this videos, whatever i goin to try and I invit someone who want to practice with me

I definitely agree with the second technique, summarising the dialogue.Catching the key messages helps me to understand more even someone says fast.I think we can more easily translate their words with the right definition if we're familiar with their accents.

Sometimes I listen to music or watch movies from different anglo-countries because has multiple accents and vocabularies that I have to understand.

Listening is dificult also because of the diferent accent.

I'm suffering from listening skills, but I have many months practice listening to BBC radio and lyrics, i feel good progress, of course I take the advice from this audio and other experiences in comments to be excellent in listening skills. Thanks.

I think listening part when I learning English is the most difficult part. Of course because everybody who talk to me using English was a rapper

I think to learn English need to comprehensively, so I didn't particularly improve the listening part, but change some behavior is really useful like I will watch English TV and listen podcast replace to music, this tiny changing bring benefits to me and I feel my English have tremendously improved.

What I do to help listening includes the following:
- Being sensitive.
- Summarizing conversation and,
- Asking questions on unclear area.

I think listening skill is so hard for me. I can't understand the content of any conversations if they speak too fast. So i can't summary it. Actually i try to improve listening skill by practicing in listening exam of and listening to English song. Personally i think its really useful and excited to improve all skill in English. For this dialogue, maybe its quite easy but i still can't hear clearly all of this. I'm really afraid of listening test. I hope that i will continue to try to improve my listening skill and i can listen better

I listen to English songs and radio even I don't understand them I keep on. I think I am pretty good at listening. I can summarize the main point. But speaking, I am really bad at it. I know what I want to ask or say but the words, they never come out. And I construct the wrong sentences when I speak. The result is, I am afraid of speaking. The things that I am doing are listening and reading. I write a few but no speaking. Any advices to improve my speaking???