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i don't think i have been in a state of flow before but maybe when i am reading my favorite novel , i fell very happy that i can dance in the room for hours i think that is flow

Ah, yeah.,. quite often... when I’m having a great dish. ;-)

Yes, I have been in state of a flow constantly of happiness while I am with my family or when I am studying even though there are some situations when I don't understand something and feeling a bit sad, but I remember my goals and continue striving.

Yes I have been. I am in a "state of flow" for example when I learn english.

That happened to me a lot when I was in school, I used to play the guitar and used to spare all the afternoon playing, listening and reading about music. Those days have gone, but now I use this time to learn new things and grow like a person and professional.

Yeah, I remember being in that stage when I'm at the church and I'm praying and worshiping to God. I forget the time because I'm focusing on that special moment.

some times, I'm watching movies with horror genre. I love this categorize of movies. during watching it, I ignore from the passage of time. the movie maybe has long as 2 or 3 hours, but it don't caused the tiring me. by this way, my mind less involved to our problem. the another thing that I like to do for getting out of problems is walking.

The state of flow can happen to my English habits. When I started to practice English then if I would meet some interesting themes I lose track of time and I would sit within long hours.

Good evening
first of all i would to thanks you for your great choosing of these listening transcripts which are very interested, useful, exciting and rich in new
recent information about positive psychology or about motivation or pitch drop... anyway all your listening transcripts touch my mind and absorbed my passion of knowing...
as well as I experienced the state of flow when i am writing because i would be so concentrated full focusing on what i am writing .
by the way
this listening lesson motivates me to search about Mihlay Csikszentmihalyi, oh I think i need a years to pronunciates his name very well.
kind regards

Hi Razan Mahairy,

Thanks for your kind comments. It is an interesting topic, isn't it? We're glad you found these listenings useful. 

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team