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Have you ever been in a 'state of flow' while doing an activity?

Yes, I had while I was doing my website design, business cards design, listening music, sending shipping quotations to customers and doing sales and marketing plans for my logistics business.

I think when I'm going to do something that I love than I'm in a state of flow. For example,when I play tennis

What does "state of flow" mean? Can you explain for me?

Hello tunguyenprnt

That is what the professor describes in the sixth paragraph. A 'state' is what our mind or heart (when 'heart' refers to our whole being) is like at a particular time. The idea here is that when we are very concentrated and creative with something at the same time, we are in such a state.

If you do an internet search for 'Csikszentmihalyi state of flow', I'm sure you will see many other explanations of this idea.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Kirk,

Thank you for your very great explanation and noted all very well :)

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I love dancing, singing and listening to music. I could spend my entire life doing just that. Yes it does make me happy.

The state of flow is an intense state of concentration on what we do and I experience it when i write poetry or when I am painting but also when I medite. All these are strange experiences where life appear us more full, intense,deep and I enjoy this!
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agree , I think i've been in a state of flow , I really interested
in this subject , thanks

It is so interested

When I swim I feel this state