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At the chemist

Listen to a conversation at a chemist's to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


I usually don’t get a cough or a cold. Maybe once per year, but to avoid it I try to exercise regularly and eat balanced. When I feel about to get sick I always drink hot lemon juice with kion before go to bed. Moreover I usually chew and swallow the kion. It isn’t that pleasant but it helps you feel better quickly. It lasts two or three days to do effect. ¡A greeting from Cuzco!

I really don't often get cough that you had it was a bit annoying. Therefore, I always keep warming my body, even my hands and my ears. Remember that don't drink ice cold too much. This is one of reasons it makes you being sore throat. Moreover, you should do exercise everyday that it is essential to keep your health stronger.

I usually have a cold one time per year during the season, but I rarely get a cough.

I usually get cough, when I take more cold drinks. During winter , cough really hurts me so I prefer antibiotics .

When I was youth, I usually got cough and cold on account of changing season. But recently, I do not get the cough and cold anymore. The doctor told me to exercise regularly everyday. As a result, my body resistance becomes powerful. So, I would like to recommend that taking diet and working out everyday can keep you away from diseases. Therefore, you can stay in immunity by yourself not by treatment.

Rarely do I catch a cold. If I happen to get one that persists and doesn't respond to acceptable home remedies like keeping warm, taking fluids, having a bedrest or sucking on a lozenge, I definitely would have to see a Doctor just to be sure nothing serious is taking place.
However, it could also indicate onset or worsening of an infectious process probably caused by microorganisms, exposure to an allergen/ toxin or presence of unknown factors that may warrant further investigations and treatment.
So, my suggestion is to visit a Doctor if you are not feeling well.

I usually don't get cold but when I do it lasts for at least two weeks. To get rid of that I kept drinking hot beverages and take some steam from boiling water by covering my head over it with a towel.

I don't get sick often, but when I do, I prefer to take natural medecines.

very good

I don´t often catch a cold, perhaps one or two times per year. I´m usually careful with getting warm, I wear warm coats and I don´t walk barefoot at home. It´s also important to wear gloves and thick socks because you lose a big amount of heat through hands and feet. That´s my piece of advice.
Cheers from Madrid.