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At the chemist

Listen to a conversation at a chemist's to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


I think that once a year I'd could get a cold, for changes in weather, when arrive cold and rainy days, usually when I feel sore throat and some cough, I take flew lozenges and drink a lot water to avoid get flu. and now I know that is good to treat the flu taking vitamin c.

I dont get sick very often because I take care of myself and my health. I take good care of my health and I take responsibility to not get sick like using warm clothes outside. I recommend staying home if youre sick and it is very important to sleep and eat.

I get a cold once a year and i recommend you to put on clothes so u dont get cold.

I offen no get it but I get mor offen i winter times .

I dont get sick very often but when i get sick i really get sick like i almost dies

Lika one time at year

I get a cold every winter and there is nothing i can do to stop it.

I rarely get any colds, therefore I recommend seeing a doctor, since I can't really give you any advice.

I don't get sick very often. Im pretty good at taking care of my health. I wear warm clothes utside in the winter and I eat vitamines. Im just good at not getting sick

I get a cough after i get a cold. And i usually get a cold on the vinter.