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At the chemist

Listen to a conversation at a chemist's to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


I get cold in the winter, when I get cold I put on a jacket

I'm getting a cold one time a year. My tip it's just relax and wait it out. That's how I do it.

I often get a cold in the winter but it often goes away pretty fast when I just relax at home.

ones every Autumn or so

I get a cold or cough maybe 1-2 times a year, but it's not that bad because i'm just home, watching movies and playing Playstation.

Not often, maybe in the winter time.

I dont get cold or get coughs that much but, lemon and tea maybe should help.
I think ginger also helps.

once a year.

I don't get sick so often but when I do I just drink some tee and watch some videos.

In winter, I mostly get cough after the long flu. Most of the time, I avoid use medicine. Instead of that, I try to use natural things that my older family members know. For example, grape molasses is solution to it. I hate to cough in public places because I have to keep going school. And when I have continuous cough, I kind a feel uncomfortable during the lecture.