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Frequently I don't get a cough or cold so I have a very well defences or inmune system stronger. When you feel some flue symptons there are different homemade remedies such as drinking honey with orange juice or drinking juice with guayaba, oranges, onions and honey because its has good amount of vitamin C. However if the symptons are constantly is better going to the doctor.

First, I tried to boost my immune system by taking enough vitamins from fruits and vegetables, I prefer to drink smoothies with berries and lemons. Rarely I get a cold or flu, and when I have it I try to manage in my own with paracetamol and much fluids, without taking antibiotics. For me antibiotics are my last remedies, they make our immune system weaker.

A few times a year. But, when I get a cold it lasts one to two weeks. I recommend to rest, take vitamin C, drink a lot of water and infusions. For me, medicines are my last remedies. I try to avoid them as much as I can.

I rarely get sick, sometimes I just get a cold.

Tamires Cristina de Lima

I getting a cough once or twonce every year, especially in the Autumn and spring, we need to care for about temperature exchange and eat warm soups and drink normal water no cold no hot.

Unfortunately, I get a cold every year. It's hard to avoid that in our climate. We have quite cold autumn - November, first of all, with its rains, winds, and even early snow. Our winters are often changeable. Today it can be cold and snowy, but tomorrow the sun is shining and all the snow becomes slush. As a result, your feet are wet and you meet a cold. I frequently have a rheum in winter so my pockets full of paper napkins and lozenges for sore throat. That's why I love summer so much and hate our autumn, winter, and even spring with its "April weather".

I have a cold about twice a year. I get sick easily when the season changes. On the other hand, I rarely have flu. I think that it's better to have enough meals, take some medicine, and sleep well to recover from cold.

When I get sick I really suffer. I don´t usually go with a doctor because I prefer to use syrup instead lozenges.

I rarely get a cough or a cold, but despite that I have a cold, I don't like to go to the doctor, because I wouldn't like to eat medicines not at all.
When I suffer of cough or headache and feeling dizzy, I have to go to doctor and I aske from them prescribed an ampoule or more than one.
Personally, I think we can cure for it ourselves by some fruits like lemmon, orange and hot water. Additionally, you can rest at the home.

I often go to a pharmacy to buy some pills or something! But I have a cousin who's a doctor and he's always telling me that I can't self-medicate because that can give me more problems.
When I was a kid I spent a lot of days in the hospital because I couldn't breathe.