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At the chemist

Listen to a conversation at a chemist's to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


Generally I have seldom a cough luckily. Always I'm careful to not do go around when I sweat. And also we should pay attention that we are not in the side effects of staying between two opened windows. If we eat ice cream or drink a milk, absolutely we should drink a water.

I get a cough or a cold once or two times a year, so I'm almost always fine.
And I eat healthy foods, exercise a little, and sleep 7~8 hours every day to keep my physical condition. So if you don't want to get a cold, I recommend you to live a healthy and good life.

I'm lucky that rare when I get sick and get a cough or a cold. most likely due to the weather in my country.

When I was a child, I usually had sore throat every summer time, and sometimes I experienced cough and cold every fall and winter. But I hadn't taken any medicine for that until I came to university. I usually ate onions for sore throat and got hot water for cough. Even if I had could, I usually preferred to take traditional medicines which was very helpful.
After I came to university I couldn't find traditional medicines, so I had to take tablets or even sometimes I had to see a doctor and took medicines which he/she prescribed me.
Now, I usually get sore throat in the summer or could and cough in the spring or fall. I usually take paracetamol, but sometimes I should see a doctor. I think we should avoid from taking medicines if it is possible.
I hope your healthy for ever.

This year I spent the winter in the desert the wether there is warm so i never got a cough or a sore throat , as specialist in this area I want to give an advice to every one have a cough or any illness that he should see a doctor and dont use the self medicine.

I often get flu at least once in a year, especially in winter or raining season, normally I had some symptoms about cough, fever, runny nose, thus, I will take sick leave to rest more in-home and drink as much as water I can, keep myself warm, drink vitamin c, but if the cough and fever continue I will see a doctor, so this way I can overcome the flu.

Good morning, I usually get a sore throat when I sweat in the wind, it happened about once a year. But I’ve finally learned this thing and so I can just avoid it. It’s important for me swimming in the sea during the winter, cold water helps me to be better.

I often get flu as least once a year. I usually go to sleep early and drink a lot of water. I like to eat hot soup with ginger and pepper or chilly since it makes me sweat a lot then I feet better. And I also drink vitamin C, or drink orange juice. this way I can overcome the flu.

I often get a cough or a cold especially in the raining and winter season. I always put a great care in myself in either of those seasons. When I go outside I bundle up to keep body warmly, even stay home though. I drink tea with ginger , take soup and have fresh fruits. If the couch continues I go to see a doctor.

I used to have a terrible cough when I had sinus crisis. Homeopathy cured me.