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Chatting about a series

Listen to two friends chatting about a television series to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


My favourite serie so far is Breaking bad

I dont watch I lot of series but I did watch the best series as la casa de papel, peaky blinders , breaking bad , arrow and Viking...., to me the best of them is Chicago police department . the story is about the best group of police in Chicago city which fight against crimes ! every they a new story and crime its a great serie furthermore there is a diversity in events because the series show us the special life of each one in the department.

I think the story of the series is about a human drama which depict the life of the characters who went through up and down in their life.

I have no idea what this series is, maybe game of throne or something related to that, I'm not a movie guy and not prefer to watch an adventure movie. my favorite tv series is called crazy ex-girlfriend which is a comedy movie, it always made me fun and the only tv series I did watch again, it has music and dancing components in it.

Hi, Too easy, GOT of course..I liked this series but my favourite series is "Downton abbey". A good series for learning English, and with exceptional actors...I love...

My favourite serie is LUCIFER because he is so diferent, is evil and also he is an angel. It's a diferent story.

This chat is about " G O T " series. I have the same idea with her " it was exciting to watch because everyone could die at anytime. But the last series, we all know the key characters wouldn't and the way they finished others' destinies weren't surprised at all. " Anyway " G O T " is one of my favorite series all the times.


Please, I'd like to know: is it correct to rewrite the last sentence like this: you don't have to like a character because it's your favourite?

Thank you!

Hi rerre,

Your sentence is correct and has a similar meaning, with a slightly different emphasis.



The LearnEnglish Team

My favorite television series are detective stories that are quite common nowadays. I'm not sure but maybe because of that, some detective dramas don't have a good screenplay enough to make audience get a good guess. But mostly, I enjoy them.