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Meeting an old friend

Listen to the conversation between two old friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1



Five years ago, I met an old friend from the Haute Ecole Normale de Nivelles. Jean-Marie was my best friend. He lived in Brittany where he spent his retirement. And I for eight years, I have lived in the south of France in "AUDE" where I also spend my retirement. A year later, during his vacation not far from my home, he came to see me with all his family.
What a beautiful day we spent remembering the beautiful moments we spent together. Alas today, this old friend has passed away. I had a lot of pain. I often have a thought for him.

I keep in touch with one of my old friends.
we are the best friends and we travel with each other from time to time. it’s so interesting to remind the best period of our life sometimes, that could be a nostalgia.
we were at high school together. We remember the other friends and reminds nice memories we feel sympathy as we talk about how our rights were lost at the time of university entrance exam because of the inaccurate arrangements that some people are given special privileges.

Since 2015 I have ever seen my best friend. He went to Bobo-Dioullaso when I was taking my high school diploma exam and I went to Algeria at fall 2015. It is really a long time. I miss him and I hope that we will enjoy our next meeting at summer 2020. So exciting to be with my bestie.

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It easy, to start the downloading put the cursor to the audio than right click after that shoose save as.

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I've just completed the lesson of a student discussion and I have one question: what means "The dream job wasn't really a dream" ? I thought it was a boring job but it is considered to be a perfect job?


A 'dream job' is a job that we imagine to be perfect. Selina is saying that she got her dream job, but then discovered that it wasn't really a dream job. In other words, she didn't really like it, even though she thought that she would.

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I have completed the lesson of Meeting an Old Friend. A short conversation makes it easier for me to find the correct answer.