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A morning briefing

Listen to a morning briefing to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Pre-intermediate: A2


when I worked as a receptionist at a dental clinic,our manager gave us the changes of information and instructions everyday.She behaved so tough and didn't understand her employees.
She's made the stressful environment.


Thank you and nice !

Sometimes, I have to give information and instructions to workmates, if your manager ask to do sometings, just to do it , don't worry about it is wrong or right.

Thank you!

Thank you sharing

Our instructor at University gives us some information and instruction on the discussion assignment. That information and instruction about when we should complete our assignment and what we should write in it.

When I was working the sales manager at duty free I gave more information and instructions for beginners at work so I everyday I had been directing for keeping this work in a best .

hello. May I ask a question?
I see the answer of question 5 in Tast 1 is that True.
“ There will be no parking after 6 p.m.”. I though it is false since I've only heard "church's car park" will be use after 6 pm. Does it mean the other one that small car park on Brown Street still can park their car ?

Hello Dong,

I think you are right about this. As you say, these people cannot use the church car park after 6 p.m., but the small car park on Brown Street should still be available.

I've made a note for us to fix this. Thanks very much for taking the time to point this out to us, and I'm sorry for the confusion!

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team