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A business interview

Listen to the business interview to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I don't use an app for learning. I think to effectively learn a language for instance you need to listen to or read anything from radio, watching tv, people around you, news, books, magazines etc... Anything helps and try to interact as much as possible. That is how I learned English. And do not be shy to ask people to repeat what they said.

I use several apps to improve my English, but undoubtedly Hello talk is my favourite since I made new friends around the world who help me a lot.

The app that assists listening skills because listening is basic for other skill

There are so many apps available on the phone but my favorite app is "IELTS Prep". I am using it on my Andriod phone from some time. It's not only easy to use but also good to practice IETLS exams, as online exams are available on it. Other than that, I am using it for listening and grammar mistakes.

This is my favourite app for learning, because, i have many resources to improve my English

An interesting resource to learn English, wich I use, is the Facebook group 'Learn English-British Council". I'm interested in downloading the app 'Learn English Grammar (UK edition) from this web as well.

My Favourite app is duolingo. It is a language learning app. Method of studying In this app is little bit different to any other learning apps. Every learning parts are realistic and you can directly apply these sentence in your day-to-day life and every word are comprehensible.Speaking Practice also possible in this app .That's why I Like this Application

Interesting reading. In the course of the years I used many resources for learning diferents things such as internet, classroom courses, on-line courses and among others. However the most impotart is how determinated you are to learn something new and how useful is in your life. In these day I use a lot of apps and websites like this to learning english.
I wish you the best of luck to all you!


I don´t use ant app, but I use other way my favorites are British Council page and TED AX

ı can't remember my favorite app, because ı lost my phone 2 weeks ago but ı think the snap-tube is the best app ı have ever seen in terms of downloading videos and music