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A design presentation

Listen to the presentation about a new product design to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Well, frankly speaking, I've never done any presentation in my life. It wasn't my function at work to create presentations. Nonetheless, I've done lots of analytics work with the company's database and made tons of reports about that.
Almost every day I made a report (typically few) about particular performance indicators. I had to handle numerous inbox data, called our regional representatives to get the last information about roll-out progress, and present all this stuff in proper form.
I don't tell you it's hard, well it's not that hard as a miner's job, but it demands scrupulosity and quickness and readiness to change the output due to the new information quickly.
It was quite a responsible task and I like it in some way ... not always though because I often faced recklessness from my colleagues and it made my task much harder.
If we, finally, put our main topic on the table - I mean "presentation" - I think I could do it right. I like good design and neat phrases so I could be the right fit for that.

The last time I gave a presentation was on July, in this year. I had to show to the Regional Manager the results achived during June. The presentation was quite long, but there were much information to present. I suppose it went well.

My last presentation was at university in master's degree. Furthermore I gave it with english. It was difficult for me because my english level was not enough to success it. I tried to keep information at every slide in memory. I can say it was goog presentation because teacher gave me high point.

It's really important for us to learn English and this Site is very helpful for all the students and as well as for teachers.

I want to respond to these questions as follows:
Firstly, I haven't presented any presentation recently. I think it was about ten months ago that I had a presentation about election regulations in Afghanistan.
Next, as you noticed, it was about election provisions in Afghanistan. Election law changed by a decree which was proclaimed by President. Thereafter, all provisions developed under that. So, it was necessary to review all these regulations.
Finally, the presentation was very good. All audiences told me and I received a lot of good comments and feedbacks. It was so helpful. My colleagues and coworkers didn't have any problems with the practicing those provisions. Indeed, I enjoyed from presenting and also I learned a lot too.

Sorry, there's no sound for this practice :(

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Few months ago, i had to give a presentation in front of my class. My classmate and I were talking about our common hobby, wich is cooking.

The last time i did a presentation was 4 months ago, in the English class. It was about deforestation. I was thrilled cause of the first time but it went excellent. And it brought more confident for further presentations.

The last time I had a presentation was about 1 year ago, I talked about a
sociology project I had to develop as an assignment at my university. I was nervous at the beginning but I did a good job at the end I guess.