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Upper intermediate: B2


The last poll about people perception of the country shows that the people's pessimism is increasing, with about 79% thinking that the country situation is worse, that represents an increment of 9 points in comparison to a poll three months before. That perception is reflected on the president's approval, about 70% of the people don't approve the way of the president to manage the country. That is a bad indicator, considering that the president only has one year in the position. The current general strike is an effect of that pessimism too. That forecasts, that in the next three years are going to happen more social protests.

Politically, Colombia is a country that has been having an increasing abstensionism when it comes to elections of any kind. According to the analyisis the framework of the register of the last couple of years' elections, the turnout rates show up to 50% of abstensionism, which happens to be overwhelming figures when assuming the number of demographics of people allowed to vote. Furthermore, it's known for a fact that the average electoral participation has remaining the same in spite of the raising of population since 2013. Everything seems to indicate that the youngest are who least vote since six out of 10 young people state don't voting because of their dejection regarding current elections .

My overview today is about a trend is growing up in my town , where a big part of the demographics prefer to buy the chines product . in my automotive company where i work as a service manager , my service center revenue had been increased by almost 100 per cent it was above the ceo forecast

I have completed the lesson for 'Business News'. The level I chose was Upper Intermediate B2.

economic researchers has announced that the value of bitcoin will be increasing during far it has grown several percent but more growth is expected.

as google charts show,the value of bitcoin has increased from 6707 USD in 9/22/2018 to 10003 USD in 9/22/2019.

Write a short overview of statistics, figures or trends that you are familiar with.

Normally, my hobby is to check the gold price trend from and sometimes, I also joined at the commodity trading to make small profits from gold price changes. Currently, gold price trend is high and going to the upward direction with Bid/Ask 1540.40/1541.40 and that trend was stable since last month with 30daychg with Bid +$77.00 | Ask+5.26% figure.

"with an increase in youth turnout in the 18- to 24- and 24- to 29-year-old brackets."
What is the meaning of 'brackets'?
Does it mean 'groups'?
Thanks in advance.

Hello corflz

Yes, that's correct -- it refers to the people in those ranges of ages, i.e. to those groups of people.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Team,
could you give me,please, an explanation about the use of ''see''in this:''This was a crucial vote, which may see a dramatic change...''.Is it here something like ''mean'',''seem',''show'','' indicate'' etc....,because I didn't find anything with this meaning anywhere I looked up in the dictionaries.Your explanations- even about not so important things - always help me catch useful tips in different uses of English.Thanks a lot.

Hello nikoslado,

The verb 'see' here is close to 'show' in meaning. It tells us what the speaker thinks is going to happen in the given time frame.



The LearnEnglish Team