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Creating a study group

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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello, I haven't created a study group, not a stric group but I had been in a lot of group depending of the assignment and if we want to get a higher degree we used to have meetings in differents places. A few years ago we didn't have cellphone's and we get focused on what we had to do, not as these days how Mujtabaaman says, were all the students have mobile cellphone's and they get easily distracted

A study group is a good idea, due to students may share ideas and improve their knowledge about different study subjects.

When I was student, I created a study group with my classmates. We usually met on Monday to organize activities and homework. However, each member had other duties as sport or elective classes, for that, always someone did not attend to the meeting.

The study group helped me to understand other point of view and share ideas, notes and prepare exams.

I had a good experience with my study group, despite we did not regularly get together.

No, I didn't. But I study sometimes with my friends, so I have some experience.
Tip number one : try to have few people in the group, because if there were too many students in the group, it will be almost impossible to study seriously, and it will be like hanging out with your friends rather than making a studying group.
Tip number two : take you phones away, because it will only disturb from studying, so just put it away or don't use it.
Tip number three : take breaks, because studying for long continuous hours is unprodective.

Yeah, I'd love to study with Grob, but not more than four people, like he says, " I think anything done with Grob's participation comes with the best result."
Is my writing correct?

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That is grammatically correct, though I would separate it into two sentences (after the word 'people').

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I never created a study group, or maybe not one rigid/strict like the study group created in the audio, with fixed day and time. I had a group of friends that I enjoyed to study with, but we didn't have a schedule, sometimes we meet in the library or the someone's house.

I never created a study group . because I think it losses my time .

When it comes to creating a study group one of the most common problems you could have is the engagement, most of the times because people, in this kind of instances, often don't set their education before their relationships, and end up creating the group with people who they are supposed to amuse with, clearly it is not always like that, however, assessing the engagement of the possible members in advance is always worth it.

Regarding to the place and the time to held it, is a good option doing it after finishing the classes so that you can go over and feedback the topics of the day in a clear way,if by any chance it is not possible you may set your house as the place of meeting, this could give you the upper hand to take over the leadership, which by the way, allows you to have a wider prospect regarding to the duties of the group according to the needs.

I have completed the lesson for 'Creating a Study Group'. The level chose is Upper Intermediate B2.

Have you ever created a study group? What are your tips?

Yes, I had created a study group which was long time ago, for our I.T product presentation group assignment. That time I took the leader role to organize my study group, each member had to perform their role responsibly and we did our studies in college's library. We discussed between members, about our 3-In-1 PSF(Printer, Scanner and Fax) integrated machine into one desk machine. Each member needed to study their relevant aspect topic, which they were going to talk about in their presentation part. For example, I started with the introduction and another member took over the middle part of the topic and so on. Then later at the end, we all 3 together concluded the presentation properly and smoothly.

So My Tips are that each member need to study their relevant part well and properly, in order to combine all the studied parts into one great assignment.