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Creating a study group

Listen to the conversation about creating a study group to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Yes, you can download the audio if you right-click on the audio player (the grey bar). Then, choose the 'Save audio as ...' option.

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I remember once a little group of study when I was at University. We formed a group of four people but it was a completely mess because one of them was very talkative and other girl was always distracted , so my friend an I decided not to participate anymore. After this experience we decided to look for people with similar intereset and personalities by an interview. It really worked.

No, but I have created a group to make a study presentation in school. It was a little bit tiresome to guide, but it went good in the end.

Yes, I have created study group of my class fellows. Study in group can be helpful in many ways. Group study can ease our predicament. We can get guidelines from fellow students to learn a topic. Group study is very beneficial in sharing knowledge and gaining confidence of attempting a paper.

Good evening, I need help.

I don't understand why the answer to Task 1 - 4 is "every two weeks on thursday".

Hello andreaz98,

Chris says that they have a seminar every other week, which means every two weeks. He thinks that it is today, but the others correct him and tell him that the seminar is on Thursday. Thus, the seminar is on Thursday every two weeks.



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Actually no, I like studying on my own and preferably in my room. I easily lose my concentration, so studying with people makes it hard for me to be fully concentrated on my work. I had loads of group assignments and projects when I was at university, fortunately, technology was always there to help us work together without having to study in group.. Most of the time, only a few short meetings were necessary to assign tasks and monitor the project's progress. I'd never been able to carry something out with other people, because I was kind of perfectionist. As time has gone by, I have been taught a fairly valuable lesson; we live in a community and we are meant to help each other, variety is wealth so the share of ideas and effort often leads to better results.

Yes, I have created study groups at university. In my degree we had to do a lot of group work, where over 4-5 people were needed. I used to work along with my friends, but we didn´t work efficiently because there was so confidence between us. That made that we left our duties for the last minute, and as you can guess, the final result was a mess. From time to time, I worked along with randomly people of the class, and I enjoyed it because I discovered new and interesting points of view, different ways of seeing life.
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I never created a study group at university. I always joined with other mates to realize some tasks but never a big deal, through the university I used to study with a friend in the library, her home or cateria, we tried to choose the same subjects to help us each other.. I just know that little groups work better than big ones, big groups sometimes could be a disorder and choosing properly your mates could work to avoid lazy people.

Yes, I've created a study group at the university, and usually, people join with others because of convenience, so that somebody has better knowledge of a specific topic and you need to get a good degree or simply learning more, or sometimes people is a little bit competitive and trying to do the best possible group.