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Creating a study group

Listen to the conversation about creating a study group to practise and improve your listening skills.

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When I was at the university, I used to study every weekend in a group consisted for four students, and it lasted for five years. We studied very hard on average of eight hours a day, at the beginning it was so stressful, but we got used to it, now we are majored.

Yes, i had created a study group when i was at last level in my college to present a capstone project, my advice to others choose good people to be with you.

No. I got invited into a study group in a cafe once, there were many study groups in that place as well which made me not so comfortable. I didn't feel like it was effective for me. After that, I always rejected invitations to any study group. Up until now, I prefer studying alone.

No,I haven’t created a study group but I wish I could have friends also interested in learning English to do so.We would probably create a study group because I love to study and I love English and my big dream is to speak like a native.

No I've never created a study group ,but once I took part in similar events. It was a training on sustainable development. We discussed with teachers and students what we can do for our planet. This event took place in the school. It was great!

It's one of those hard-to-answer questions because I've never created any study group and I've even never been a part of one. All the experience I have - studied together with my best mate a couple of times in the library or at home. It's obviously not the same.
But, I have enough experience working in a small team so I think I may give some advices.
First. It has to be quite a small team. Fewer people - less noise and easier to organize your meetings.
Second. You need to choose co-learners properly. They have to be well-organized and responsible to not spoil your efforts.
Third. You badly need a schedule. All of us have our own life (not just study) and to cope with our needs (work, family, fitness, yoga, etc) we need to know about future activities in advance.
Fourth. Your study-meeting has to be not too long. I think about an hour or so. Otherwise, you might get tired at the end and it would lead you to lesser effectiveness of your lessons.
Fifth. But, if you want to study longer than an hour, I think a little coffee-break would help you to stay fresh and ready for new tasks.

To be honest, I have created a study group. We often met in early days before we had examinations. I prepare materials and knowledge for the terminal sufficiently . It was very effective and salutary for each of us.
By the way I can not find any lines in the text that they said about they had another seminar every two weeks on Thursday.

Hello Giahaitruong,

The part of the conversation where they mention this is the following.

Chris: Hang on just a minute. I know I'm not going to be in this group, but aren't we supposed to have a seminar at this time every other week?

Dina: Umm, no.

Bea: Thursday, no? 

Ali: No, that's on Thursday. 

Chris: Sorry. Forget I said anything.

Dina and Ali say that it's on Thursday every other week, not today. Chris realises he was wrong and apologises for the confusion.

Does that make sense now?

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