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An email request for help

Read an email asking for help from another department to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text



Language level

Intermediate: B1


When we send the emails, we have to be careful about the construction of the text. The email written above is a mix of facts and what you want to convey, so it is hard to read. I think I should first write down what you want to tell most.
In addition, I think the paragraph in the text of it should be changed. If compositions aren't divided into the paragraph, it's difficult for the person who receives the email to understand the contents of them.
Correcting the form of typing an email will help you to learn good manners and build good relationships with other people.

If I email for help, there are a few things I should include. First, don't forget the subject. Create it so that you can understand it at a glance. At the beginning of the writings such as "I'm indebted to you" are omitted. Then write the message. And avoid ambiguous expressions in the text. Then write it concretely and concisely. Finally, after writing the closing words, enter your company, phone number, and your signature to complete the email. Anyway, it is important to write your emails concisely and clearly.

I think when I need some help, I would include explanation about what I'm doing and how effort that help would make. Because people help me would like to know whole things and they will be motivated by telling how their help would effect. And I also include my goal. That make us predict what to do for short helping each other. I think that's so simple, so we usually miss it that's the most important.

I will introduce what often use in Japanese business and is used as a meaning changed from the original meaning. The word HORENSO is used in Japan. The word true meaning of Japanese is spinach. However, we use as different meaning, too. Another meaning is HOKOKU, RENRAKU, SODAN in Japanese. So, the initials of those words are taken as one word. Meanings are in English report, contact, consultation.It is said to be the basis for doing business in Japan.My father taught me that before. If you're interested, please check it out because I think my poor English didn't make sense.

In an e mail for asking help i should include firtlsy why we need to this request. And then I would add my aims clearly. I mean what is the purpose of this goods when it arrive to the customers. Finally I would like specifically person who can contribute us.

my suggestion in an email is to explain better the request for help, the sort of activities and duration of James' work. Than it would be clearer for the parties.

This is the true order:

1. Salutation
2. Introduction
3. Brief Info
4. More details and notes (if there is)
5. Regards

What should be included in an e-mail on asking for help includes:
- Aims and objectives.
- Subject of the letter.
- Permission from necessary authorities.
- Date, time and venue.
- Agenda of the meeting.

These are to be included in an e-mail of asking for help, such as:
- Aims and objectives.
- Subject of the meeting.
- Taking necessary permission from any authorities involved.
- Areas where help is needed.
- Date, duration and,
- Agenda of the meeting.

we should include in an email asking for help, all necessary informations such us:
1- all details of the person who need help.
2- what he need exactly with details.
3- precise who can help. just one person or all the team.