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B1 intermediate: Problems at the train station

In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1


I enjoy traveling by train. But to recieve ticket for the train is difficult. There are lot of turns especially before holidays so you have to wait for month to buy it.

Hi. I am Ibrayim. I like travelling by car. I have never had problems with this of transport

I don't like to walk in crowds at the station.

It is really good exersize for improwing speaking. And it is working.

I like travelling by train in summer. Because in summer I have a holiday. You will not be boring in train as there are a lot of people who can speak to you.

I like traveling to Tashkent because modern city. Also I like to go abroad to Korean

I like travelling by train especially in winter and in spring. Once I forgot my luggage on the platform. It was very unforgettable moment in my life.

I enjoy traveling by train. But I have problem on getting tickets. There are always lot of turns especially before holiday we need to wait about 1 month in Uzbekistan.

I liked this part!

I like traveling by train. I used it in my country. it very comfortable. However, I haven't have any problems. Now I know what to do if I have any problems with this