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B2 upper intermediate: An interview

In this video Jack's having an interview to get into a university to train as a PE (physical education) teacher. How do you think the interview goes?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


No, I don't think. The aspirant teacher is really cool, his speech is fluent. Congratulation! I, instead, only know a bit of writing! Sob!

Hi I just asking about more speaking training video

Hi shosho,

We are constantly adding material to the site and organising it in the skills categories. However, it does take some time for each new item to be created, readied and published. You can use the search tool in the top right corner to find pages marked 'speaking' and you can also find many useful speaking materials in the General English section, for example.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello British concil team .
I was wondering if there is a place in this side to communicate with other people? like making a video call to practice English with him/her.

Hello Ahmedmb

I'm afraid that there is not. I would recommend you check out our Facebook page, where they post lots of useful links to resources you can use to improve your English.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Don't rush or hurry. Be calm and self-esteem make you help.You need to show how impress in this job and some short story can be motivated to impress you albeit not true.

I think the main things to take into account when you are at an interview are:
be relaxed; be honest; don't speak too much; go straight to the point when answering; answer all questions and be confident.
Good luck!!!!!

Yes ofcourse, I think in the future I'll do an English interview, this is because Am planning to apply scholarships for my Master's degree and some of the sponsors conduct interviwes for selected applicants before offering them a scholarship. Through the video I'v learned that people should choose the job they have passion with, also job seekers must have a good knowledge about the job they have applied during the interview. They also shud have a clear and short answers.

I agree. By the way, what is scholarship do you want to apply?

Fact is that we are good prepared, so you have all answers in your head. You have to tell the most important, and you mustn't speak too long. I think is good experience to have interview like that. You have to be self-esteem and courageous mostly. You have always tell the truth, for instance what grades you had in school or something similarly. I am confident that these facts work on every interview.