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So cool to read about everyone's home tradition they miss the most! I'm from England but I've been living in the States for five years and the thing I miss the most is Bonfire Night on November 5th.

The best thing about Bonfire Night is the fireworks, oh, and the bonfires! … and the history behind it. Basically, Guy Fawkes and his friends tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and kill King James I. They nearly did it too – they hired a room under the House of Parliament and filled it with explosives. But someone told the royal palace. The authorities found Guy Fawkes in the room guarding the explosives, and he was sentenced to torture and death.

So it's a tradition that celebrates the fact that the king survived. It also means people don't forget what happens if you plot against your country. There's a kind of poem about it that starts 'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.' That's why we build a 'guy' – a life-size model of Guy Fawkes – and burn it on the bonfire. Pretty dark and horrible when you think about it!


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    So cool to read about everyone's home tradition ...
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It's nice hearing about other country cultures, 'cause you learn so much. For example, I had never hear about bonfire nights, now I ´m glad know a little more about England celebration.
I live in a country where fireworks are parts of many celebration especially at the end of each year. The real meaning is to welcome to the new one.

Loved to read about everyone home traditions and get to know more about diferent countries around the world.
I'm Marlon, I'm from Brazil and here we love a good brazilian barbecue... the so called Brazilian Churrasco. We do it almost every weekend.
It's when we gather family and friends in someones' house to chat, drink and eat a grilled stake beef, pork sausage and a butter garlic bread!
You must try when comming to Brazil.

What cool to hear all these traditional stories, comes to me What I the most miss is the celebration of marriage that begins with something called Arada.
That's a very traditional dance in Syria.
It starts when the friends of the groom come to bring hem from his house so they bring hem with a cool dance en that dance includes dancing with swords, professional mens carry swords and do some beautiful movements with them with some also traditional songs, singing these songs very out loud that all the neighborhood hears it.
I used to run to the window when i hear Arada and keep watch it till end.
Now I am living in The Netherlands and I miss such things badly.
But I think with time I can see such Arada here also because of the spread of syrians all over the world.

I Love how everyone excited to tell their country tradition, Let me share with you the best traditional celebration we have it here in Bahrain and in GCC.
It's Gurgaon happens on the 13th of Ramdan from the Islamic calendar.
What I like the most about the Gurgaon it's the celebration atmosphere and kids singing. Basically, on these days kids wear colourfull traditional custom and going around the neighbourhood knocking the doors and singing Gurgaon song where the neighbour treat them with candies and coines.
I love it because it reminded me of my childhood, and how we used to be happy and excited about the small thing. :)

hi, I'm Juhyun from S.Korea.
My favorite tradition is to eat together food like galbi, ddukguk on some special day.
That's a day of gathering all the family in one or two times every year.
So, it's a very deeply touched day for me.
It's something like Seol-nal or Chuseok and most of the traffic is so heavy that day, because everyone who would want to go to their parent's home moves mostly by own car

in my country, vietnam, there are a firework in the most important public celebration days, such as: new year, national day...especial in big city. Quality of a fireworks is becoming better year by year.It attracts so many people going out to see.There are international fireworks festival which is organized in Da Nang city every year. That is very excited and attractive event. If you want to join You may have to book a hotel at least 6 months in advance. a Fireworks also cam into the memory of so many Vietnamese people and It is very nice and peace memory.

hello I'm from Cairo,Egypt
one of my favorite tradition is the "Eid" basically it is an Islamic festival
we have 2 Eids every year the small Eid and the big Eid
on the small Eid we bake cookies and biscuits, we pray a prayer before sunrise also we visit relatives or go out and have fun
on the big Eid we pray a prayer before sunrise and we slaughter sheep and give away their meat to the poor people
in both Eids you can breathe the joy and the wonderful spirit in the air

I have been hearing about Bonfire celebration but never knew the history till date. In Nigeria where I come from, we have many festivals but I could discuss the New Yam Festival. It is the festival of Thanksgiving to the God's of the land for a successful harvest of new yam after a cultivation season. Sadly, I don't know the history. However, the celebration is done every August and is led by the king or the eldest person in that village. During the festivals, there are a lot of traditional displays such as dances in native costumes, masquerade and musical bands. This festival showcases the traditional art of the people which makes it memorable.

hi every one . when I rad the above post , I thought a lot what I can write about
because I born in Saudi Arabia while I am Egyptian so I never attend a tradition in my country when I was young .
In this days the celebrating spirit of old traditional is despairing year after year so that its difficult to describe my favorite .
How ever I was love ramadan this month every one was so calm and happy even we was hungry and thirsty but fact that choose doing this one a year to remind you self with poor people which can't find enough money or food that made you so thanks about what you have and know there are other need what you don't need .
If every one take what he just need only and let the resat to other no one in this world will safer again

I hope if any one read what I wrote please tell my the mistake I did
thank you

tasks are interesting but internet speed i cannt think so