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Messaging to cancel a plan

Learn how to write text messages to cancel plans.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

Yesterday 18:45

Hey, I don't think I can make it tomorrow. I'm feeling really ill

Oh no, poor you!

Have you been to the doctor?

No, I think it's just a cold

Well, get well soon

Shout if you need anything!

Thx, I will

Today 9:03

Feeling any better?

A bit thanks but staying in bed today I think!

I can pop round on my way home if you need anything?

Actually, if you don't mind, pls can you get me some green tea?

No problem!

See you about 6 then

Thx so much!!

Get plenty of rest! Hope you feel better soon!


  1. You don't have to write complete sentences in text messages.
  2. You can use short forms, e.g. thx (thanks) and pls (please).
  3. To cancel a plan, say I don't think I can make it. Add the date (e.g. I don't think I can make it tomorrow) and/or to + the activity (e.g. I don't think I can make it to the party tomorrow).
  4. To show sympathy, say Poor you and Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Exclamation marks (!) sound positive and they are used a lot in text messages. Two exclamation marks (!!) shows you really, really mean it!



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I don't remember have canceled any plan but I remember before covid, I canceled a family meeting at my aunt house, I like my family and specially my parent, siblings and nephews I love them, but some aunts and cousins are toxity people, so for that time I prefer say I can't make it, but if don't mind you could get me some food come back way to home, I appreciated thank you so much.

I cancelled a group meeting on the last sunday. The reason is I can't get the city in time. I felt so sorry to my friends.

Dear Bella,

I am writing to tell you I cannot present at tomorrow's party. I am feeling really ill now, maybe I should go to the doctor tomorrow. I am really sorry for this inconvenient caused to you and I feel really guitly. Later I will send you all the responsibility that belonged to me, thank you very much for understanding.

Yours sincerely

I hate canceling plans, especially in last minute,I always feel guilty if I leave someone down. But today I had to do it, because I didn't have other choices.
Today I canceled a plan. I have received an invitation from my best friend for her bachelorette party two days ago, and I was so excited to go there. But when I woke up today I felt under the weather, my stomach hurts and I had vomiting and nausea. I could make it, to attend the party and I felt so bad about it.

I can't make it for today, I'm really sick.
have you visited the doctor yet?
Not yet, I'm waiting for my father to send me until then I'm using some pills for my nausea and vomiting.
I hope you to get better soon if you need something from me let me know
If you don’t mind, can you get me a chicken soup on your way home?
Yes, of course, it's ok if I bring it after 5 p.m ? do you need it earlier
No, it's okay I have some leftover soup from the lunch I can eat it until you come.
Ok see you soon, take care of your self.

last two weeks i don't think i can make to visit my aunt because in the evening my uncle son's visit us we cancel the meeting with my aunt and start to preparing lunch and so on we have really terrible time

Last week, I canceled a plan to go to the coffee house with my friend due to my daughter's illness. We planned it for one month and it was canceled at the last minute. My friend was so sad because we didn't see each other for ages. But she was also sympathetic about my problem. And we had agreed to meet next weekend. I hope it will be done.

As far as I can remember, I canceled my appointment probably 4 months ago because coronavirus started to spread.If it wasn't for coronavirus, I was going to play with a group of seven friends.I was planning to get together for the first time in quite a while, so it was cancelled and I was depressed.However, since we couldn't see each other, we had a group call using zoom, which allows us to make online video calls.I was very happy to be able to connect like this even if we couldn't meet.In addition, either of us forgot our plans, got sick, or didn't have money to play with, and so on.One of them is bad, but nobody is bad in the case of coronavirus.I couldn't help it, but I think I made a wise decision.After the declaration of an emergency situation, I thought it was strange for us to get together and play when even the company and school stopped commuting and went online at home, and we should protect ourselves.We cannot take responsibility if we transfer them to family, friends, or close friends.I don't think coronavirus will disappear for a while, so I thought I had to live together well.

The last time I was cancelled a plan last week. I was supposed to go to Okinawa in this summer with my friend, but now, corona virus pandemic is happening in the world. Temporarily, that situation was getting better, so I thought I could go to travel in this summer vacation and I was making a plan. However, corona virus pandemic is getting worse again. We had no choice but to cancel a plan about going to Okinawa in this summer vacation with my friend. Our plan is going to Okinawa for a week, stay at very nice hotel, and eat many good foods. We did enough research beforehand, so I'm so sad. I hope that corona virus pandemic is getting better and I will go to Okinawa with my friend.

The last time I canceled was during last summer vacation. I was preparing for the part-time job that morning, but when I was brushing my teeth in front of the sink I suddenly fell. Of course, it does not mean that he fell, but that he suddenly became sick. Since I was stuck, I immediately called the store and told that I could not go to the part-time job of the day. After that, I usually find someone to replace me, but he found someone who cares about me and works for me. There are other cancellations. I promised to play with my friends. However, I couldn't play with my friends because my family's funeral was decided on that day, but I decided to exchange it next week. I couldn't make the original plan, but it was a lot of fun because I decided to go shopping. It was nice to be able to cancel both without any problems. I'm a little worried whether I can deal with it if I have a problem when I cancel again. In order to avoid the problem, I thought it was important to inform that I might cancel.

I always cancel the plans, because I am always very excited about the planning, but at the time I get lazy lol