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1 Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding

Explanations and Exercises are types of writing which show that you have understood what you have read in textbooks, and what your lecturers have told you. Although these kinds of assignments can be very technical and can require you to know a large amount about your discipline, they do not usually require you to give your own opinion, or write anything which is not accepted knowledge.

The Primary Purpose of these Genre Families is Demonstrating Knowledge and Understanding.

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and do the task.



Can you please if the following is right?

" [..] Now, we know the direction we will take at the planning stage while setting the timetable according to the process. This step is about creating a logo, a corporate identity, creating a packaging design, website, brochure, content, but also what we have decided during the workshop represents the brand."

Thank you in advance

Hello Theodorab,

LearnEnglish is a site for learners of English who need help with particular aspects of the language. We're not a proofreading site and I'm afraid we don't check and correct chunks of text. If we started to offer such a service we'd rapidly end up doing little else!



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Then, in these types of activities I'm only either recalling information or finding out (not explaining) new information. Right?

Hello camilod321,

Yes, that is correct, though be sure to listen to your professor's expectations carefully, as sometimes they do want you to do some analysis or interpretation, in which case the assignment isn't simply recall.

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A short and clear explanation of demonstrating knowledge and understanding. Thanks

What the meaning of " I've been taught"

Hello dhanu55,

This is a passive phrase:

Someone has taught me (active)

I have been taught / I've been taught (passive)

The speaker is saying that they have to understand what their teacher has taught them.


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Sorry, but I did not see the audio file. Have you fix it yet?

Hello Sam,

Sorry about this! I've just managed to fix it. Sorry for the delay.

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Where is the audio file? I didn't see it!!!