In this video Sam's looking for some new trainers. Will they have the size and colour that he wants? 

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I'm wearing black and white trainers. They are in size 7. I like them a lot. The new phrases I learnt are:
1. Do you have them in a 10?
2. Do you have size 11 in black?
3. I don't like the white ones too much.

i wear socks

Sorry, now l'm wearing my socks,hh,anyway,today I learn this : in a (do you have them in a 10) ,that's all

hi I'am wearing a white baskets, they're in size 8. the new words and phrases that I learned are: "I don't like the white ones too much" "a bit too big" "trainers" "in size".

Hi, I'm usually wearing a black sports shoes. They're all black and a lot of comfortable. They're in size 10,5. My new words: trainers. New phrases which I learned : a bit too big, Try them/it on.

I am wearing a pair of trainers which is black with a red and a white strip. There are in 8.5 size.

I wear blue trainers and it's very comfortable, it's in 9 size.

I wearing everyday the skechers shose i like this brand shoes because it is good made and this colour is beautiful.

my new words? trainers, gose to, we have get, a bit too big, white ones too much.

Have you got ... in ....?

My actually trainers are old and broken because I wear them every day 2 years ago, but I like them because they get me great memories. From video, I learned other form to ask (Do you have them in 10?): "Have you got them in 10?". It was very good for my learning.