Gemma is sick of being ignored while Sam is on his phone. In this video they discuss the pros and cons of being constantly connected. What will they decide to do? 

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Hi everyone
I try to keep my mobile phone in my pocket and not use it while I´m with my friends or family, it´s a rule as a long as itsn´t a emergency call.

If you don´t overuse I think is a fantastic gadget wich you can keep in touch with your friends and family , also you can learning something, reading books, news , see the weather and much more things.

Honestly, i use my mobile phone all the time, including meetings with friends. Altough i think that virtual contact does not replace personal contact, i am incoherent with my actions.

I not feel the need of using any mobile phone till I got a job in the U.S. For me, it is essential to any survivor in a foreign country. Part of your social and professionnal mobility, its diverse functionalities help to find out the best spots that fit your needs : housing, food, car purchase, commodities, all basic necessities. Thanks to the integrated GPS and the online payment, it makes you feel free : travelling accross the U.S. and up and down, helping you to overcome your apprehensions face to the unknown. Depending on the age, the generation, the occupations and situations, the pros and cons of the mobile phones may converge or diverge in their opinions. Yet, it is relevant to underscore a gap between the Z generation addicted to the new technologies and their twentieth century's elders.

I have to say, I seldom use mobile phone when I was in with friends but I recognize almost people meet up together in coffee shop they are always focus on their phone, i do not know why. I did not like it, meet up to talking to each other, right? why use mobile phone? Of course in urgent case soemone need to use their phone to do something important. We will respect them.
About pros and cons of mobile phone,
- Pros: everyone can contact you anytime, anywhere, and vice versa, find some place with navigation mode, easy access, log in with 3G, wifi, payment internet bank by mobilephone, use social networks, shopping online with mobile phone, ect,...
- Cons: Because it has pros a lot so it is also cons, in the long term people will be depended on, if one day without access or login or someplace no internet they cannot do anything. Use to it a lot lead to become an addicted.

When i hang out with my friends i always keep my phone inside my pocket, in silent mode. I only use it if i receive a call or if i need to answer an important message.
Without a doubt a mobile phone has become absolutely an indispensable part of our lives like many other technological devices. It use has its advantages and disadvantages, and of course judgments vary from each particular user.
Mobile phones are the the perfect tool to do what years ago seemed to be inconceivable; it is a masterpiece of technology that makes our coexistence more comfortable, allowing us to talk, send messages, keeping up with friends, family and even people we don't know from anywhere in the world, read books, news or documents of any kind at any time, find directions or jobs opportunities through ads and the list goes on, and all of that is possible because of the power of the internet.
It can actually serve as a weapon when it is used with bad intentions or it can a way of distraction from the real world or things that really matters when overused without a logical explanation. I don't know if i made myself clear with that latter statement.
It is a fact that technology is the mother of our modern existent world and we must embrace it but, i believe we should give more attention to our social real life and try not to forget that it is a human necessity that keeps us connected through the physical and verbal interaction, exchange of emotions that cannot be comparable and it has truly been the foundation of all our greatest achievements (humankind).

I think mobile phones are absolutely essential in today`s world. Not only mobile phones but everything has its disadvantages and advantages. We just have to focus on the advantages! It`s true that mobile phones sometimes distracts you from the people around you and makes people around you to annoy. Also they have harmful rays. But, despite all their disadvantages, they have many advantages. The world is unimaginable today without phones. They`re the tools of modernism. The business world is heavily dependent on the mobile phones. They can connect to the people continents away. You can send messages and your personal information to the potential employers. Mobile phones make business deals much more easier and, therefore, help the world economy to boom, that makes people`s life easier and more comfortable. I say again what I had mentioned above, that everything has its disadvantages. We just have to focus more on its advantages and use it accordingly!

I don't use my phone often when I date my friends. Sometimes I check my e-mails, phone calls or messages quickly, but I asked them apologies for that interruption. I think that mobiles phones are reducing our interaction skills, but in a good way the phone allows us keep on the date of news and close with family and friends.

Mobil phone no doubt bring the people close but on the other side it has destroyed the social life and it has badly affected family culture. sometime i feel it has become a nomophobia for me.

My wife is always complain about that. It was intersting to did the exercise and listen "myself" trying to giving a justification for not listen a real person in real time right in front of me. It's a little weirdo, but make me think a little bit more serious in this deep problem.

well i keep always to switch off my mobile phone especially when m with my wife cause i think is not polite