Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



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I hate this moment

I like Samy and Julia, actually all their appoitments are so funny.
Regarding my the question, usually i will not answer my phone when i am with my friends unless the call from someone special to me, and if i did not answer the call, i would send appology message to the oerson who tried to call me to tell him or her that i was really busy.

Hi ,
very good short clips. perfect .
nowadays unfortunately not only calls but social networks are in people life .
last weak i removed all social network apps from my phone . now i am a free man :D

That's really good for you! I think social networks take too much precious time from us and instead give us nothing. If you want to talk to somebody - just call him! Don't support an illusion of a real communication.

millad90s, I like your choose, no social network apps on your phone, I'd like do that, for sure I'll feel so free like you but I'm a little social network addict hahahha

When a ring of the phone may disturb me or other people, I usually turn off the sound. But I never switch off the whole phone because I may look at the watch or use the calculator or other useful functions. Besides I can check incoming calls or messages later and call back if it's necessary.

i get that, and i ask the called if he has importants thing, but i try to reduce the conversation. and if the thing is not important, i will tell him that i will call in a moment.

I like this episode. :)
May I ask a small questions?
Sammy and Julia say, "I'll get that" when they answer the phone, and I'm wondering why they don't say "I'll get this", despite the act that the phone is right in front. Hold on, is "that" referring to the voice over the phone??

Hello Rafaela1,

Some phrases begin as normal sentences but develop into fixed expressions which no longer change, and I think 'I'll get that' is a good example. Perhaps once the phrase might have been flexible and changed according to circumstances, but nowadays it is an expression which rarely if ever changes.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Ah, I get you!
Thank you, Peter :)