Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


i even when listen to music ,i use earphones because i dont want to annoy others

I switch my phone to silent. The problem became from when I forget to switch on back and in this way I miss call.

This lesson teach me that memorizing and understanding as many as possible expressions in conversation are very important to understand and memorize conversation that we learn/watch/do. This lesson also teach me about complexity of human interaction in simple daily life situation and how important to control our emotion while reacting also solving unwanted situation/problem/trouble, and stay focus to what we want to do in the beginning/stick to our plan while maintaining good relationship with people close to you.

I am afraid jeje *-*

Well, I switch off my phone

I switch off it in the important meetings

In our culture, speaking while eating is impolite.

really where are you from?


I try not to answer a mobile call when I talk to someone.