Sammy and Julia discover they both like the same sport. But can they enjoy it together?



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I went to a volleyball section when I was at school. I really liked it and I often played volleyball just for fun at the school yard in the evenings. Then, when I left school and went to university, I chose a swimming section as my PE class. I decided because I enjoy swimming so much, but my family rarely went to the sea or river, so I haven't got many opportunities for swimming. When I left university, I haven't got much time after work to keep on my visits to the swimming pool or gym, so I've started to do exercises on my own. I do exercises using Cindy Crawford's "The Next Challenge" workout three times a week and I do some yoga poses twice a week. That's enough for me to feel myself energetically and to keep my health in a good state.

I like riding a bike with my family because I think that this sport moves the most muscles of the body

Dear Team,

I've found some differences in answers to tasks 2 and 3 concerning usually and often as adverbs of frequency..
In task 2, often is matched with the percentage 90 % and usually with 75 %. While in task 3 , usually goes with a 90% and often with 75%.
I'd like to know the correct answer in this case .
Best wishes

Hello Bcneta,

Thank you for pointing this out. I'll ask our technical team to address this.

'Usually' suggests a greater frequency than 'often' and so the correct answer should be

usually - 90%

often - 75%


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The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot

I like to play tennis and hike :)

I like playing basketball with my friend and my parent.Because I like basketball the most.Besides , I like badminton , tennis and volleyball.

I love sports, but I don’t have much time to practice them. My favorite sport is swimming. I swim two or three times a week. I think this sport is very relaxing and healthy. I like riding a bike and running with my boyfriend, because we can talk. I also like playing chess and basketball.

When I was in Indonesia, I went to yoga course once a week with my workmates and once a year go hiking to the mountain. But in Finland, I usually do exercise at home and go swimming in the lake in summer and also go swimming in the ice pool in winter.

And also play floorball with friends in the church in Finland.