Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?



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what happened with the episode about cinema ?

Hello AndranikAM,

We published episode 11 before episode 10 by mistake, and then unpublished it after realising our mistake. We'll publish it again on 14 March. Sorry for the confusion!

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Thanks for all of your great materials!

No. I am not very interested in taking photograph about myself. So, I just have a few pictures. But when I watched the pictures occasionally, they reminded me some memories. That's very good.

I don't take photograph of my self anymore because I feel shameful here. I don't see people here take picture of themself. So I just adapt their habits here :) Not many pictures of me and friends during live in Finland. But hey, when I visit my country to see my family and friends, I take many photographs of myself, family and friends every doing things :)

I don't have many photos of myself.
Sometimes I find a gap between how I look and myself in my mind!

i don't have my photos in my phone or anything ,,, because i am look ugly ... such not photogenic

I really enjoyed episodes 1-3. But the scripts aren't as good after that as they were in those first few previous episodes.. some of them are plain boring! The actors look a bit older too, so I imagine they were recorded at a later date with a different writing team. It's a pity..

I have many pictures of my sons and of my little nephew. I haven't pictures of myself.

i have many photos , but i don't have many photos with me.