Julia doesn't want to meet Sammy's old friends. What is she nervous about?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Elementary: A2


I am friend with my mathematics teacher of secondary school. I meet he during the Christmas.

I often meet my old friends on weekends. We have coffee together.
There are some my old teachers, i loved them. Sometimes we meet.

I see them at least once time in a month and we usually meet in a bar or in one of our houses. We're not friends with any of my old teachers.

I usually my friends all weeks

I visit to my old friends once a year, because I travel to Colombia to city when I was born in end of each year en I meeting with my childhood friends.

I rarely meet with my old friends. Mostly when we ride bikes. My friend is a history teacher, and he still works.

We're the five amigos since we were the five year old kids. Well, we 're in excellent company. We often hang out whenever we have free time because of living next door. We are usually dining at an outdoor cafe.
I am friend with two of my old teachers. I visit them once a year when I am on Lunar New Year holiday.

I occasionally see my friends at weekends.

I usually see my old friends in holidays.
We meet in my home.
One of my best friends is my old teacher. He is very brilliant. He reads lots of good books.
He tells me about those. We usually talk about his experiences.

I meet my old friends once a year. We are all busy now each other. I'm not friends with any old and new teachers. Teachers can't be a friend.
By the way, I'm confused... which is correct? Can somebody tell me?
We all are busy now.
We are all busy now.