Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?



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I like swimming therefore ı usually go to cities which they have sea. ı live in turkey and here are a lot of choices for this. the turkey is sorrounded by seas which their name are Black Sea, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, nature in here is great

On my holidays, I usually go to the contry-side to visit my father or I go to the beach.

Thank you for making this video. It's a nice and clear conversation. I learned a few words and it was funny when the woman said "Oui" with the British accent. However, I have never been on holidays during week-end but during every summer I went to the capital of Algeria. It's a very beautiful place, and there are several great monuments to visit such as the Memorial of Martyr, the Museum of "Mujahid"...

I usually Go to the sea in the summer

I live in Ecuador, and in holidays I preffer go to Colombia to visit my mother and my brothers and my sister and their families.
I and my wife go to Colombia by car.
Our sons study in Canada and we would like visit them on Christmas.

It is great, you can travel in canada, i wish i can go to western countries one time.

I'm going to go on a bike trip.

Hi Everbody,
I usually Go on holıiday in summer. But sometimes I go on holiday İn winter.
Because We have four seasons. You can do a lot of thing in holiday. you have a l lots of choice . you can go skiing in winter at uludag. You can go to mediterranean coasts and Aegean coasts in summer.

What is correct: We can go on the train or by train? Thank.

Hello MaryGio,

To talk about travel we use 'go by' or 'take':

We can go by train.

We can take a train / We can take the train [there is no difference in most contexts]



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