Henry is an astronomer. He is very excited because he thinks he might have discovered the beginning of a new star. But then he gets even more exciting news ... he’s going to be a father!

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5 June 2006

Henry looks carefully into the telescope which lets him see far, far away, as far away as the distant nebulae on the far edges of the Milky Way. Henry is an astronomer. He looks at the sky, and at stars in particular. Even though he spends much of his time looking at detailed computer reports, which are just lists and lists of numbers, his favourite thing about his job is looking through the telescope. And today he is very excited. He isn’t sure yet, but he thinks he has seen a dense cloud which might be the beginning of a new star.

5 July 2006

Henry is still looking for a tiny point of light in the sky. He checks the lists and lists of numbers that his computer produces, and tries to make sense of them. He tries to turn the basic data into an image, a picture of the star he hopes to see, but it is not yet possible.

He arrives home feeling tired. His wife Anna sits down next to him. ‘I’ve got some news …,’ she says.

5 August 2006

Henry is so excited about being a father that he has forgotten about his star. Anna is feeling sick and tired. Henry is no longer thinking about nebulae and clouds and gases. He is thinking about pushchairs and nappies.

5 September 2006

Anna and Henry go to the doctor. Anna has an ultrasound scan. Henry is used to seeing distant images of planets and stars and clouds, and now he looks at this image. It almost looks like a cloud, but it is much clearer. He can see the outline of a head, the features of a face. And he realises that this means much more to him than the distant stars he is used to looking at.

5 October 2006

Anna finally starts to get fatter. Henry is feeling terrified. For the first time now, he realises exactly what it means. In a few months’ time, he will be a father.

5 November 2006

Anna looks at her tummy and now starts to feel that there is another living person inside her. She thinks about Henry’s job, and remembers how excited Henry was a few months ago when he thought that he could see a new star.

5 December 2006

Henry thinks that Anna looks a bit like a whale, but that she is very beautiful anyway. He thinks that next Christmas everything will be very, very different.

5 January 2007

Anna feels like she wants to sleep all the time. She feels like the baby already wants to come out. The baby is kicking her from inside. She feels like a football. She can’t wait to become a mother. Henry calls her ten times a day on her mobile phone.

5 February 2007

It can take as long as ten million years for a star to form, but Henry doesn’t care about seeing his star any more. He knows that although he may be the first person to see a new star, it is impossible for him to see the birth of a star, from its beginning to its appearance. But he doesn’t care, because a new star has just entered his life.

‘But we haven’t thought of a name!’ says Anna, holding the tiny baby in her arms.

‘I have,’ says Henry. ‘I’ve got a beautiful name for her.’

‘What is it?’

‘Stella. Let’s call her Stella.’

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Your texts

Blackberry from Hungary writes “I have 3 beautiful children. They are 12, 6 and 6 years old. When I learnt I was pregnant for the second time I was very surprised, I did not know whether I should cry or laugh. I was already in third month of pregnancy when at long last I decided to have my first ultrasound scan. My doctor was examining me for a long time and he asked me several times: "Have you ever had any ultrasound scan?" I felt that he certain wanted to say to me something serious. Icy horror took hold of me. I thought there was something up with my baby. But he went on examining me without a word. Grim thoughts stormed through my mind. I started to shake. At last he broke the silence: "They are two of them" he informed me simply. At first I understood nothing. The words echoed without meaning in my mind. After that I started to get giddy. Oh my God! Relief and fear came hand in hand. I did not know again if I should cry or laugh.The years went by. I can hear their whispers, see their smiles, and as I read your story I am thinking about my daughters. They have not brought to us the shine of cold stars but the warmth of a single sun. And now I never think about whether I should cry or laugh.”

I'am too realistic, sorry! It looks very strange to me that a baby may born without a name yet.
Generally you are asked for the baby's name as soon as the birth has come.
Furthermore the name of a baby, particularly the first-born, is a great topic between a father and a mother.
But it's a detail I've liked the story anyway.

It is great to become a father or a mother. It means both happiness and responsibility. I have been married for nearly two years and we haven't got any children. Whenever we think of having a baby we feel unspoken joy deep inside our soul. We even found a name for our unborn child. My husband really loves children. He found a beatiful picture of a cute baby and set it on destop screen. We think it's wonderful to welcome a lovely new creature to the our life, especially  he or she is the very outcome of love.

 I known that everybody have the personal aim. It is defferent . For example, there are some people think that the most important thing in them life is career. While there are other people think that is family. me too. The most important thing with my life is my small and big family. Because I see the mind is the most important. Let think that if you are verry rich while you alway are worry and sad, you will feel not happy. So I think we should spend many time for looking after our family. When we have a happy family, we will have power to try. At that time we will work better. How do you think?

i think that the real star which is gonno born is his baby and that was very nice comparing the star and the baby....

new born baby is like a gift which is bless.....=)

 i am feeling the same with Henry . We are thinking a beautiful name for him .

 It's excellent story but I can't see Stella.. :S

Reading and listening of these stories improve my English.

Hello everybody!!!
I think the story is beautiful and I also think that a baby is a very big change in a person's life.
But I had some problems with the task 2, I typed the plural forms into the gaps but the words never appeared. Can anybody help me please? 
Thank you very much!!!