We can recycle glass, paper, plastic and metal. We can also put left over food into our compost to use in a garden. Can you put the rubbish in the correct recycle bin?

In the UK:

  • Cans are usually made of aluminium.
  • Jars are usually made of glass.
  • Bottles are made of glass or plastic.
  • Soft drinks are usually sold in plastic bottles.
  • Alcoholic drinks like beer and wine are usually sold in glass bottles.
  • Compost is made up of vegetables, fruit and waste from the garden. We can use compost to put on our gardens to help plants grow.


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Interesting, I just got to know that tea bag can be source of compost. And olive oil is in a bottle glass :D
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I try to recycle all kinds of wrappings, papers, glass, cans, plastic, organic material like the rest of vegetables, fruits, etc. It's a simple job, you only need a few spaces to store the different garbage bins, and when they are full take them to the appropriate containers that are on the street.
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That's good for our life when we do recycle things.

What does mean compost and where does it

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You can find definitions and examples of this and many other words in the dictionary. There's a handy Cambridge Dictionary search box in the grey area on the right side of this page.

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how tea bags will be use in compost?

Hello ahmed mohsen,

The tea leaves are organic, and the little bit of paper and string that are used also decompose along with the rest of the organic materials in the compost. Some tea bags aren't suitable, however.

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