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Do you know your tennis? Can you match these words used to talk about tennis to the correct definitions?

Tennis balls and racquet


Do you know YOUR tennis?? -What does this mean?? ( ̊ଳ ̊)

Hello Rafaela1,

This is quite a common phrase in quizzes and so on. It means simply: How much do you know about...?

You could remove the 'your' from the sentence without changing the meaning, but it would have less of a rhetorical flourish, I would say.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you Peter, so 'your' in the sentence doesn't necessarily mean possessive, right?

Then, okay, I know that Haitian-Japanese woman tennis player recently won the Australian Open. 'She is also the first Asian player to be world number one, and the youngest player to hold top spot since 2010.'

Now I know where the word volleyball came from thanks to valley)