UK Culture: Ethical Shopping

Are you after value for money when you're shopping for fashion; or fashion that's made with values? Listen and find out more.

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Task 1

Match the endings of the sentences at the top with the beginnings of the sentences below.




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Upper intermediate: B2


You should be honest in every activity of life. Either buying or selling products online shopping store every time must deal in ethical products

Thanks for excellent post sharing!! Its very helpful for me.

I really don't know about this topic. I mean it is a very complex topic. I wouldn't feel comfortable to voice any opinion before I understand it enough.

Mu suggest: use your money wisely. But its very difficult if you see so many discounts that offered by the mall. :)

It feels so disappointing when a debate on a very globally extensive and deep problem seems to end even before it starts. While we've been building our economy, our prosperity and civilization for centuries on concepts such as free market, maximizing profits, minimizing expenses and so on inflicting suffering to earth and poor majority is an everyday reality. Maybe there are some remedy to ease the burden of the knowledge (that to be a shopper of mass production is very likely to mean that you are a very tiny participant to all this injustice) on good hearted privileged people but not a comprehensive solution which can address the age old dilemma.

Hello, everyone. Nice points whether you buy a good. Ethical Shopping must be done in every field from food to clothes. Recently CNN made a series of reports about children slavery in Ivory Coast. Children are held in cocoa fields to work on the production of the raw material of chocolates. I bet no one wants to eat chocolate at the expense of someone else childhood.

ok that's right , I agree with u

in general it was the first time I heard about the 'ethical shopping'. I agree with the authers that we should think before buying, but unfortunately in Russia ethical shopping would be connected with some difficulties. Sometimes we have such a feeling that we live as Europeans do, but the reality often turns out to be different. As for Moscow you can choose shops, goods and prices, but as for many provincial territories the main thing is to buy anything 'fashion' for low price. Everybody realizes that you must pay for quality and a good footwear, for example, isn`t cheap. And as far as women`s clothing is concerned the prices in our shops can make even well-off europeans crazy. So the most part of my compatriots think how they manage to combine 'well-looked clothing' with their financial opportunities instead of ethical shopping. As for me I often can`t afford to buy a good thing that I like because of its price and I`m not very lucky for buying things in second-hand. So sometimes I think that I should learn to make clothing for myself because I`m not well-off yet and I don`t always like the items that I`m offered to buy. And also it seems to me that nowdays a person should develop his\her taste, otherwise we may turn into a consumer who grasps everything that comes to the sight. But if you`ve got your own style it`s much easier to be an ethical consumer because you buy only those things that you realy need.

          As the proverb says, "necessity knows no law" . In my country the first thing consumers think about is the price. Safety of the consumers themselves comes last let alone the safety of workers who had made the product.

 Hello, this is the first time I post a comment on this forum. I've found this podcast very interesting and I must say I really agree with the theory. But when you go to the malls and see dozens of teenagers buying cheap clothes often made in China or Vietnam, to name just a few, then you wonder, is this really something people care about? They just check the clothes and the price tag and if it suits them, they go to the paydesk and that's it... kind of sad, isn't it?