Most of Britain’s population enjoys sport and leisure activities in one way or another, and whether as a participant or a spectator there are a whole host of activities to enjoy.

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Task 1

Reorder the words and phrases to make correct sentences about leisure in the UK.




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I think it could be more general if you get a football sports activity

Hello everyone. In my country the three most popular leisure activities are running, cycling,swimming. Of course,these are active sports. When we talk about passive activities , We have to mention observed activities: football, cyclism and cars' running(formula 1).
Even in Italy there is more care for body fitness .This one is good for the elderly and for the young. I like sports and I practise Taijiquan, swimming and fast walking.

Hello,all! I am happy to be connected with you in here. In my country,  Romania, most of the children are fat. They eat much junk food and spend lots of hour in front of the computer. But others prefers some sports like football, swimming ,aerobics, yoga. I enjoy very much cycling. I ride with my bodyfriend every week-end through city and parks. I like also swimming . I learned last year. My last favorite leisure activity is hiking.Thank you all  for reading my comment.

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In my country,the most popular sports are table tennis,badminton,mountaineering i think. Also,there are some aged people doing tai chi in the morning,whereas the young people running or doing skating. Besides,there is also a group of people regardless of age dancing in a square with popular music,which we call square dance. Actually,it looks very interesting. And it can help us to release stress,keep healthy,contact people,which i think is very good.
Comparing to the previous generation,nowadays,my generation has a little changed for the young boys keen to play games while the young girs tend to go shopping online. In fact,spending lots of time to stay at home not to go out to doing sports young people is increasing now,which i donot think is good to our bodies. Absolutely,with the popularity of network,there are some ertreme sports attracting young people to do,i.e cycling climbing,figure skating,rock climbing,etc.I suppose this is a new lifestyle,which fulling of challenge and looking cool,but we should pay attention to our safety when we enjoy these sports. Hoping everyone cherish and enjoy life.
At last,i think this website is very good and useful,thank you for proving such great website.

The three most popular leisure activities in Peru are footbal, volleyball and run in a park or street.

In Ukraine the football is the most common activity. But also I would like mention hiking and running. The last one becoming popular especially in the last several years because of spread through the world culture of marathons. I find this very useful and interesting tradition or leisure activity.
If to compare us with previous generation we are much less active for pity. Nowadays in Ukraine are much less places for free activity and people tend to spend time near computers.