Roads are dangerous places for people on foot. Watch this video to find out how to stay safe when crossing roads in the UK.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video or listen to the audio. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Put the topics in the order you hear them.


Task 2

Can you find the spelling mistakes in these sentences?




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Intermediate: B1


n my country the rules to cross roads are almost same than in England. But in Italy traffic lights even have red light for cars. When I went to London ,three months ago, I noticed that English drivers are a bit nervous. Pedestrians have to be never confused and sleepy.
In Italy pedestrians always have right, so they are very undisciplinate.
Anyway, drivers as well.......

The laws for crossing are more or less the same. Nevertheless, I think pedestrian are respected better in the North and a bit worse in the Centre and in the South. There are no orange flashing beacons near the Zebra crossings, just a vertical sign which indicates the pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately there are pedestrian victims, especially during night (lower visibility) and in the weekends (drunk drivers).

There is a "d" missing in the following sentence, isn't it? "Zebra crossings have black an white lines on the road."

Hello AdryX,

Thank you for pointing out the spelling error in the task. You are quite right and I have corrected the sentence.

We check our tasks carefully for typos and other errors before we publish them but some mistakes get through, unfortunately. It's good that we have such observant users who can spot these for us.



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Are there any laws about crossing the road in your country?
Of course yes. There are zebra crossings and some traffic lights in big city like Bangkok. Anyway, I think traffic light does more effect than zebra crossing does. People rarely use zebra crossings as we know that drivers rarely respect them.

Do you think pedestrians are poorly treated compared to drivers?
Yes. It seems like all roads are made for drivers, especially car drivers. I usually use bicycles. I always have to face with horn honking from car and motorcycles drivers whenever they feel like I am in their ways.

Are there any laws about crossing the road in your country?
Yes, but there are only Zebra crossings which people rarely use because they are so distinct from each other. There is no such law like no crossing the motorway. Sometimes, pedestrians have to use flyovers when the roads are blocked and there are no crossing points.
Do you think pedestrians are poorly treated compared to drivers?
Yes, we are very poorly treated compared to drivers in our country. We always have to wait till the coast is clear. I mean, why do only pedestrians have to wait to cross over? Shouldn’t we be taking turns? I wish we have those traffic lights like green man and red man. Although there are Zebra crossings, cars never take us pedestrians into consideration. That’s why we always have to run over streets which I find quite pathetic.

Hello I´m from México and the law about traffic is clear for vehicles however for the pedestrian is not really clear and people can cross anytime and at any place. Despite the fact that there are rules for pedestrians these are not respected, I think there would be more control on the traffic lights to allow people to cross during a wider period of time becose of the population in big cities.

it is very important to obey the road traffic regulation. I am staying in Indonesia, the volume of vihiche passing by is crowded but public awareness of traffic road is still minim. sometime an accident happened.

In Brazil there are rules for this but, as others regulations, they are poorly respected. But there are exceptions: some cities have adopted a strong program of teaching the pedestrian, including policeman at the crossings instructing pedestrians how to ask the cars to stop before walking. The policeman were there also to instruct the drivers and to fine some reluctants. The Brazil capital (Brasilia) is one of these cities where the regulations are well followed. But unfortunattely, yet there are 55.000 dead people in traffic accidents every year in Brazil ways, part of them pedestrians.

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