Do you know how the UK is governed and who lives there? Watch the first of a new series of videos on UK life and institutions. 

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Read the questions and select the right answer.


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Read the questions and select the right answer.




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Intermediate: B1


State and Religion must be linked. Why?, it is due to the peoples' cultures. Al the laws are based on ancient traditions for example as Rome and the greek. If countries don´t maintain this connection others will fill this empty space and then will start problems. This doesn't mean everybody have to go to church or believe in god, but means recognising our origins.

In my opinion, Religion and State should be separate. But my opinion is not true for all cultures and countries. It is a difficult question. The separation would do easier the multiculturalisme, because it could deter discriminations. But religion is even an important part of the culture and the tradition of a nation . I think we have to respect these things .

Yes religion & state always be separate so no injustice happen to minority group . But multi religious & multi cultural society make only after hard and true effort of state.

Should religion and the state be separate?
Actually, I don't understand this question very well. The state is the government and the religion is what the residents believe in. They have nothing to do with each other, don't they?
How easy is it to create a genuinely multicultural society?
No, it's not easy at all because people like to get rights but they don't want to give rights to the others. I have a friend who thinks they are discriminated because of their religion. However, she finds LGBT-people not normal and dark complexion ugly. So, if it is not a DISCRIMINATION she's talking about, then what else? The worst thing is she doesn't even realize what she's doing. That's why I think people should show consideration for others if they want the same respect back.

i am new joiner and learner English just correct me if my grammar is wrong for me the religion should separate from the state because the human being cannot use the bible to implement the rules of law.

I wish to thank the Britishcouncil ,for a series of programs.

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In my opinion the UK and the World they are have the ideas and capacity for the adaptation the all cultures in a only place.

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