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Great article with great problem in it. Nowadays plastic and pollution are one of the most dangerous and important issues. It's a pity, that not everyone understand how huge is this problem. If you think that 'I dump this ones in my life and nothing will happened' - you are not alone! On Earth there are a lot of people who thinks the same! And than we have what we have done. Think about your behaviour, your actions.
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Will someone tell me, please, what is actually meant by "discussion"? Whom do I discuss with? Many thanks.

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The idea is that you can make a comment that answers the discussion question, or, if you are in a classroom with other students, you could speak about the Discussion question with a partner. You can also ignore the Discussion questions if you prefer, of course.

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Nowadays, in my country, many people use less plastic bags; but, it has been dificult.

pollution definitely has a disastrous result in our human life. nowadays more and more people realized this problem and they had took some actions to protect the ecosystem environment. In china, there are so many films about this year there is a document fiction film about human disaster, wandering earth. I think it made a shocked impact on many people.

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where is the PDF file?

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