Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.

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yes I agree .
education is very important to me and my family to build our country and find jobs
to get good live

Yes, I do agree with him.
Education is the key to all our problems. It we can increase people awareness, build a better future for the next generations and end all discrimination.

that's correct, it's verry importent thing to get the desired job.

Well, in my opinion, education is a great tool for achieving your life goals, but we don't have to forget about other factors like the country you were born in, so I would also like to say that luck plays a great role in our lives.

He's absolutely right.
I think education is the most powerful investment in our future and the most powerful way to change the world.

Yes I do agree with him.
Education is important for both young and old. It is a too

Yes I do agree with him.
Irrespective of your age, education is a lifetime investment all must acquired. Education builds you to build your nation. As the popular saying goes if education is expensive try ignorance. Ignorance is a disease while education empowers. Education empowers you not only to read and write but improves your knowledge and understand .

Absolutely yes. Higher education especially in a well-known university gives you better opportunities to get accepted for better jobs and it also helps you to have a better life.

yes i do agree with him, because education is the most important thing in life for human, without education we can't do anything and family is the one who support us throughout our life

Yes, I do agree with him quitely.
Education is a powerful tool which bring a person from ignorance to empowerment, it supports one to build its career, achieve its goals in life, contribute to the betterment of society and country alongside personal development.