Are you adventurous when it comes to food? Watch this video about a famous Italian food – would you be brave enough to try it?

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Upper intermediate: B2


Yes. I am from Egypt and we have an old age traditional cheese called "old cheese". It is very famous. Some times the dense liquid, which is the most important ingredient is 50 or more years old! The liquid it self is made by mixing a quantity of old liquid mixed with some curd and a salty component extracted from margarine. then It is ready for cheese to be put inside the liquid for at least one month to be ready for eating. the longer the cheese stay inside the liquid, the more quality and delicacy it will. The miracle is that the cheese could be kept inside the liquid for many years without being kept by any fridge system and still freash and ready for eat!

In Morocco we have a similar one called "SMEN"

yes, an ant that is called Nucu

yes , an insect called harurwa . It can be poisionus if wrongly prepared