Cucumber or grapes? What happens when two monkeys do the same task but get 'paid' in different ways? Watch this funny video to find out how monkeys react to inequality.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



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It's because the reaction between monkeys and humans is the same when there is unequal reward for equal work.

I guess, there are many similarities between humans and monkeys. Monkeys among animals were very similar to humans.

In my point of view, monkey is the animal which has the closest brain with human. From that experiment, we can make hypotesis that human perhaps make a similiar strong reaction to inequaty, or may be stronger because human has a bigger brain than monkey, or may be smaller reaction because human has an experience to control emotion.

Basically, we as human, having similar response and reaction toward inequality. Except that human can choice whether to control the anger or eaten by the anger. Here it is where anger management is needed :)

Both has very similar DNA chain.

Agree, .... both a monkey and a human! :)

Well, the scientist compared monkeys to humans because humans have the same reaction towards inequity, no matter what colour is the person, to which country he or she belongs or to what background they belong, they have to be treated equally.

Simply because if even animals can recognize inequality, how come human being just ignore it?

This is very good englisch course.

They compare monkeys with us beacuse we do feel the same as monkeys. Sometimes I struggled with hard situation and the higher levels gives us cucumber that taste good at the beginning but when I see the richest levels getting grapes for doing the same as me. I do protest throwing away my cucumber because I want grapes too. They taste better than cucumber for sure.