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Learn the names of some common tools by doing these exercises. 




Actually all these tools I used as usually in garden I use spade and rake maybe saw, in workshop I use others like hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, utility knifes, spanners pliers and drills to build a pit house or maintain my house furniture.

I useall the tools but I did not its names even I am a welder. Now, I learn whole

It's important tools and the new words is pliers,spanner and drill

I´ve been using a lots of them , like screw , screwdriver , drill , pliers , spanner , ruler , utility knife , hammer and nail to fix small things in my house , I prefer to fix somethings by my self to calling someone else , doing this I safe money , and I learned how to fix things , nowadays with Youtube you can learn everything that you want to know. last year I have painted my house

at house :hammer, nail, screw, screwdiver, drill, pliers.
at garden :spade, rake, ruler, utility knife, saw.

I have used all the tools that are shown above, but i don't use any at the moment.