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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


i really enjoy it

last month i went to trekking with my friends, it was in high altitude, so i put a hat on my head and wear gloves on my hands to keep them warm. I put glasses to protect my eyes from sun and we carried a all things in rucksack.

I have a necklace that is very special for me. Because my mother gave it to me.

Yes, I've got a ring for almost 8 years or perhaps more! It is really important for me. I hope I never lose it.

I have a set of accessories when I go to a seminar. I'm a lucky person who Company chooses a lucky number and it's my number when I register for the event.

i have a set of knives, i am sous chef

Yes I have! My camera because I'm photographer

I like belt and glass because I when I use they I look a elegant person. So all place that I go, I'm with my belt and glass.

I have many accessories. Among them, my favourite is rucksack.

I can't live without my glasses, they are like part of my body already !