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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


yes, i have, i have a belt, a cap and scarf ( i dont use that) i usually use the belt when i go to the school, and the cap when the sun is raised

Yes, I do. I have got two pairs of gloves and I wear them theses days because it's winter in my country.

Yes, My favorite accesory is watch. I always wear watches.

Thanks for fascinating unit. Among all of this stuff most of all I’ve rucksacks.

no i dont have.

I'll go shopping tomorrow and will buy new bracelet and earrings, that matsch to the necklace I already have. I need also new gloves for autumn.

Yes. i do love my very nice necklace and earrings

This topic to help me to do exercises and learn the words for some accessories.

This type of exercise improves dictation skill,

I did not know the word "rucksack" I used to say "backpack"... Great lessons! I just got new glasses, I can see so much better now.