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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, I love my cap. It's very nice.

i like wearing necklaces and bracelets so much. So i have them a lot. I have a nice necklace, that is my gift from my mother. She gave it to me when i left home for studying in Moscow. This is also the first time i live far from home.

I love using a blue rucksack, my parents said that when i was a child i really used to like using rucksacks to my school

I wear a little accessories. Only a pair of glasses, a blue cap and a watch which my brother gived me at my 18th birthday.

I love bag so very much; few years ago I bought a new black polo bag.

one day on my way back from a beauty salon to were I parked my car, I met

two guys who helped me parked the car ;

I left and arrived to shopping mall , where I supposed to meet my friends.

I realised my bag was missing I searched everywhere in the car , the bag

was nowhere to be find.

I was so depress that day.

I usually wear glasses because my vision is not good enough. I also like to wear watches. So if someone of my friends or family wants to get me some gift, a beautiful brand watch will be a great idea!

I love accessories in general, always use earrings and necklace

I got a rucksack that my boyfriend gave me on my birthday, it was very pretty. I like it so much.

Great! I can learn more some new words about accessory.

I wonder why a neckless is called a neck-less? It actually covers the neck.