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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


ı have sport watch and like it.when ı will use the watch feelings freedom....

The weather is quite bad these days around here, that's why I have to bring my umbrella everyday, sometimes I forget to carry it and I end up getting wet. Anyway my favorite accessory is a watch I bought last year, it was quite expensive, but it was worth it.

I have lots of accessories, like, necklaces, watches, belts and I like all of them. But there is a special one, it is an apple watch. Now this watch became a special friend that tell me how many calories I spend each day, how many kilometers I walk, the weather forecast, etc. I can also check my emails and other messages from my friend, I can reply them by talking or typing, etc, etc....I have also an e-reader that I like a lot too because I can carry it for everywhere I go and if I need to wait for something I can read my book and helps me to be calm and happy.

i wear always a belt to hold my trousers when i goes to work. i wear sometimes a cap and a glaces when i goes to the beach to protect me from the sun . i wear usually a rucksack to carry all my things when i travel. i wear a scarf when i am invited to a party. i don't forget my gloves and my umbrella when it's cold or it's raining.

I have a watch i got for my 21st Birthday, which i've still got and wear on special days , like anniversarys weddings birthdays christings new year and xmas and funerals.

I love bags. I have tens such accessories

Among these kinds of accessories, I love bracelet and scarf most.

I have many accessories such as necklace, glasses, bracelet, scarf but mostly l lose small ones. After I use them for once only, I can't see them again.

I don't like to wear accesories. I only wear glasses for reading because I suffer from presbyopia. I don't like wearing sunglasses. I always wear belt for my trousers and sometimes a rucksack for work.

I too. I do not wear cap and hat acessories for example. Good!