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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello Nhung123456,

'Leave office' is used in the context of political positions and it is another way to say 'stop being president (prime minister, etc)'.


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Dear Peter,

I have understand. Thank you very much Peter


Hi! I downloaded the app "English podcast": it's very good to improve your listening's skill. During the 1st lessons, the English teacher gave an advice: write all the new words in a notebook.
I have a question: it's better note the new words with their translation or without?
thanks to all in advance

Hello Michele,

That's great -- you can learn a lot from LearnEnglish podcasts. Last autumn another user from Italy wrote to use to say that he had worked through all four series and that thanks to his improved English he had found a job in Scotland.

Keeping a vocabulary notebook takes work but really pays off (is worth the effort). In general, I think writing a translation is a good idea as long as you also write more. For example, an example sentence (directly from the podcasts or if you search for a word in the Cambridge Dictionary, most entries have example sentences) or any common phrases or collocations of the word (see the dictionary for these).

It's also a good idea to write phrases in your notebook, too. I think you'll see as you work through the podcasts that there are lots of phrases in English that are repeated frequently. If you learn these, your English will sound more natural and you will also understand native speakers better.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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I like this site because it helps me to improve my English, especially the grammar which is very useful for those who are studying for their exams.

I like to decorate my clothes with accessories. I have lot of belts with different colors and design. And i like jewelry. My favorite is a silver bracelet that's i got gift from my grandmother. It reminds me about my happy childhood. And another my favorite jewelry is set of golden earrings and necklace. I bought it myself from Dubai golden market. It reminds me about reach decorated Arabic style.

Rucksack seems to be a specific britsh english word

i am happy to be on this learning class. however, i feel doubtful if the learning here can be helpful to score good marks on my exam day. please is there any guidance on how useful this page can be for my ielts academic test?

Hello sadikamed,

We have a site specifically for IELTS candidates which contains practice materials, mock exams, information about the exam and many tips and suggestions. You can find it here and I'm sure it will be helpful.


Best wishes and good luck!


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when I went to Venezuela, I bought a pretty bracelet as a souvenir. I still conserve it and I'm thinking about giving it to my sister's birthday