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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I like wearing belts a lot even if my trousers aren't too big.

yeah i have a beautiful ring my mom's give it to me

I have a belt which i was given by my father 2 years ago, it costs 5$ and made of leather, it is 1meter long and the shape of buckle is H which is the first letter of my name. I really love my belt and i will treasure it because it is my father’ present.

Yes, I have a beautiful necklace

I love to wear my bracelet and my watch.

Yes, I have. I like to wear accessories like a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. My country is not so cold to wear a scarf and gloves. I have more beautiful bracelets. I'm crazy about bracelets.

Fondamentaly I'm not keen on wearing accessories. In my dressing I have 2 belts because I'm not used to wear it. I usualy buy clothes suiting with my waist or dresses having already a belt as part of the design. As jewelleries I absolutly loves watches. I have only 2 of both necklaces and earrings in gold my body reject other material.
The weather is too hot in my country for wearing gloves and the scarfs and hats are more appreciated by aged people.

YES! i have a necklace i really love it my friend gave it to me at my birthday last year .

In my country the weather is too hot, so I don't need to wear scarfs and gloves, as part of my daily clothings, but I use my bag for carrying my personals stuff to my job. I love very much to wear jewelry, such watch, bracelts, necklace and rings.

Well, yes I do. I often wear my rucksack to carry my laptop, my bottle of water, sometimes my phone and other accessories. Besides, I wear a cap to cover my head and face from the sun radiation.