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Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My earrings are special, because my mom used them.

I haven't very special accesory but I have different accesories. For example watch, skin belt, keychain, smartphone, scaf etc. In these smartphone is the most important. But in this days I think that mask is more important.

A heart shaped pendent, this story is very close to me because this is one of the beautiful memories that i have with my friends the time that i had spent with them in Doha, Qatar. We 5 of us have the same pendent which we gifted each other on Valentine's day.

yes I have a silver ring which i made in indea. it has special design and color I always keep that as memory of my indea trip because its my habit to keep one thing as memory from each trip in my life .

I have a silver bracelet, I bought it during Tet Holiday and it's very special. Of course, I consider it a god of luck in my work and my life.
Are you sure you don't believe me? It helps me avoid evil because I feel like there's always someone to protect me.

My daily accessory are earrings and the necklace. For a good woman, for some women these are the most important accessories.

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I think that the lesson is very important .When I go out , I have to wear a belt because I'm thin. Then I carry my rucksack in order to bring my own things in it such as laptop, notebook, and power bank charger. I always wear my cap to protect my head from the sun's rays. I also wear my glasses to see well. I like the women who wear earring on her ears and necklace around her neck. She looks like a princess.

I have a face mask. It's special because it's a self-made one!

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