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Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


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Beginner: A1


I type, now. But I slept today.

I sleep, eat, read, type and smile most days! ;)

It´s really interesting this question, because when you are focus on something you can do many things. For example in this exercise you can read, listen, look, write and think at the same time. Good exercise :)

Sometimes when I read a book I listen to relaxing music, while I eat some nuts. Also, if I find something funny or interesting in the book, I may smile.

I can write in my notebook while I am listening music, or eating some snacks at the same time that I read news.

Nice lesson sir. Thank you so much for your valuable lesson. I really liked it.

I like to do plethora of actions at the sametime, but only two actions is possible or me. Suppose while i am listening , i can write the same. The most other actions i like to do is eating, reading and sleeping.

of course I can do many things. Like, watching by eating, doing exercises by listening music, or sometimes smiling by crying . When I want to cry, I smile and laugh by thinking that problems. Cause I am sad, I cry. But when I am meeting problems again and again, this problem is not just problems and it is like a joke. So I do like this.

I do exercise while listen music.

I work in office and most of my work on computer. So I can do a few actions of them at the same time. For instance I'm listening music while I'm typing this answer, looking and reading on screen. Also at the same time I'm eating some nuts and touching little almons.

I cycle when the weather is good, not windy or rainy. I have to cook everyday because I'm vegan and I don't have many options for takeaway. I try to read every night even 15-20 pages. I